Article VI. – Martial


Regulations for the Army of the Confederate States (New-Orleans: Power & Cadwallader, 1861.), including the Articles of War and all other laws appertaining to the organization of the Confederate States Army ― as adopted by Act of Congress on March 6, 1861 ― will govern the military affairs of the Company, and nothing contrary to them will be enjoined or permitted.

The Company shall be organized in accordance with Army regulations, which authorize the following personnel for a company of cavalry ― one Captain, one First Lieutenant, one Second Lieutenant, one brevet Second Lieutenant (also known as Third Lieutenant), one First Sergeant, four Sergeants, eight Corporals; from sixty-four to eighty-two Privates, one Farrier, one Blacksmith, and two Buglers.

All military members shall hold the permanent rank of Private, with positions of higher rank attainable in accordance with these by-laws and the special orders.  Persons who are elected or brevetted to higher rank shall have the power and duty to conduct military affairs commensurate with their rank. The descriptions and responsibilities of these positions are herein provided.

  • (a)  Commissioned Officers
    Commissioned officers hold command rank and authority which is conferred by the President of the Confederate States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.
  1.  Captain is the commissioned line officer who commands the Company, and who is responsible for its administration, welfare, and the completion of its missions.
  1.  Lieutenant ― First and Second grades ― is a commissioned line officer who commands at the platoon level, and who assists the Captain with the performance of his duties.

  • (b)  Enlisted Soldiers
    Enlisted soldiers ― volunteer or conscripted ― hold no commissioned rank, but may hold positions of non-commissioned rank and authority that are granted by the regimental commander upon recommendation of the company commander.
  1.  First Sergeant is the enlisted non-commissioned officer who has authority over all other enlisted men of the Company, and who is responsible for its operation.
  1.  Sergeant is an enlisted non-commissioned officer who leads at the section level, and who is responsible for its supervision.
  1.  Corporal is an enlisted non-commissioned officer who leads at the squad level, and who is responsible for its direction.
  1.  Private is an enlisted soldier who holds no authority, but who may hold positions of responsibility and special assignment, as determined by higher authority.