Article V. – Suffrage


Company business will be decided by members at-large, voting during properly convened meetings.  Other than elections for office and for determining an official event schedule, business issues shall be decided by voice, by show of hands, or by non-weighted secret ballot at the discretion of the presiding officer.  Except for two-thirds majority that is required for amending these by-laws, all issues will be decided by simple majority vote.

  • (a)  Voting Rights
    Only active duty members in good standing possess the right to vote and to hold office.  However, only military personnel may vote concerning military affairs or to hold military office.
  • (b)  Proxies
    The Company will allow the use of proxies, thereby empowering one member to act as an agent on behalf of another member.  The proxy is valid only during the meeting for which it is issued.

In order for members to have a voice that is proportional to the level of their individual participation, elections for office and an official event schedule shall be conducted by secret ballot, for which points will be used to weight the elector’s choices.

  • (a)  Ballots
    Prior to issuance, each ballot will be certified by the election judge to indicate the number of participation points earned by each respective elector, who may assign all, some, none, or split the points in weighting their choices on the ballot. Elections for each vacant office will be conducted in descending order.
  • (b)  Points
    Members and recruits will earn points for their participation at officially scheduled events.  Points shall be accrued annually according to the scale herein provided, but will not be accumulated from one year to the next.  Participation is defined as any meaningful contribution of support which aids or assists the Company in fulfilling its mission.
  1.  One point will be earned for participation each day at an officially scheduled event.
    2.  One bonus point will be added for participation at a business meeting, a fundraising event, a social event, or on consecutive days at an officially scheduled event.
  • (c)  Offices
    Both civil and military elected officials shall hold office during good behavior, but may be impeached and removed from office for violation of these by-laws and/or the special orders.
  1.  Terms of office are for one year, with no term limits.
  1.  Elections for each vacant office will be conducted in descending order.
  • (d)  Schedule
    An event schedule for the calendar year will be elected from those that are nominated for consideration by the Company at large.  The numbered order in which an event is placed on an elector’s ballot shall act as a multiplier in determining the point value that will be assigned to weight the elector’s choice.