Article IX. – Ratification


THE PETITIONERS in convention assembled, invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God for the rectitude of our intentions, and by authority of the good people of this organization, do ordain and hereby establish this constitution and these by-laws for the Lexington Rifles ― Company ‘A’ of the Second Cavalry Regiment, Kentucky Volunteers.  In so doing, the petitioners solemnly publish and declare that this Company is free and independent, and is absolved from all allegiance to any other organization or entity except the Confederate States of America.

DONE, by unanimous consent of the petitioners present at Wauconda, Illinois on the First day of April, Anno Domini MM. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We the petitioners have hereunto subscribed our names.
Thomas Knight,   Allan Petrusky,   Warren Pierce,  Robert Sanderson,  Steven Sonnon

These by-laws may be amended upon ratification by two-thirds majority of the entire membership. Any amendment which adopts, changes, or deletes any provision thereof shall revise the main body of the original text; and the date and place of the revision shall be recorded.

  • First Revision
    Twenty-seventh day of January, Anno Domini MMI.
    Waukegan, Illinois
  • Second Revision
    Twenty-fourth day of February, Anno Domini MMII.
    Gurnee, Illinois
  • Third Revision
    Sixth day of July, Anno Domini MMII.
    Wauconda, Illinois
  • Fourth Revision
    Second day of May, Anno Domini MMIV.
    Brookfield, Wisconsin
  • Fifth Revision
    Twenty-sixth day of February, Anno Domini MMVI.
    Galena, Illinois
  • Sixth Revision
    Eleventh day of March, Anno Domini MMVII.
    Galena, Illinois
  • Seventh Revision
    Ides of March, Anno Domini MMIX.
    Galena, Illinois
  • Eighth Revision
    Seventh day of August, Anno Domini MMX.
    Boscobel, Wisconsin
  • Ninth Revision
    Sixteenth day of October, Anno Domini MMXI.
    Channahon, Illinois
  • Tenth Revision
    Twenty-third day of March, Anno Domini MMXIII.
    Beach Park, Illinois
  • Eleventh Revision
    Twenty-third day of March, Anno Domini MMXIV.
    Bolingbrook, Illinois
  • Twelfth Revision
    Ninth day of July, Anno Domini MMXVI.
    Wauconda, Illinois
  • Thirteenth Revision
    Nineteenth day of March, Anno Domini MMXVII.
    Bolingbrook, Illinois