Article IV. – Membership


Membership classifications, which are granted solely by vote of the Company, are herein provided.

  • (a)  Active Duty
    Induction as an active duty member confers to a person, whether military or civilian, all unabridged rights, duties, and privileges bestowed by these by-laws.
  • (b)  Honorary
    Induction as an honorary member confers to a person, who is not an active duty member, all privileges bestowed by these by-laws without the rights or duties thereof.

Except for the restrictions herein provided, all free persons are eligible to petition for membership.  Active duty members and recruits must subscribe to these by-laws and be able to demonstrate levels of dedication, competence, authenticity, knowledge, and safety in their historical portrayals which would assist the Company in fulfilling its mission.

  • (a)  Males
    In accordance with the Regulations for the Army of the Confederate States, men shall be effective, able-bodied and sober, free from disease, of good character and habits, and possess a competent knowledge of the English language.
    1.  Males above the conscription age of sixteen years are eligible for membership; however, those under the age of eighteen years must have the consent of a parent, guardian, or master.
    2.  Males shall portray soldiers of Company ‘A’, Second Cavalry Regiment, Kentucky Volunteers.
  1.  Civilian portrayals by males are not permitted.
  • (b)  Females
    In order to avoid overrepresentation of women in an organization employing nineteenth-century military standards, membership by females is limited to married re-enactors whose husbands are active duty members; such status existing concurrently with that of their spouse.
  1.  Nothing herein is meant to limit the free association of unmarried female re-enactors with this organization. Nevertheless, unmarried females are not eligible for membership.
  1.  Females shall portray genteel ladies of polite society in antebellum Kentucky.
  1.  Military portrayals by females are not permitted.
  • (c)  Recruits
    In order to be considered for induction as an active duty member, eligible recruits must meet the qualifications for membership and earn a minimum of twelve points within a period of thirteen consecutive months.  In cases where membership is granted, a military enlistment ceremony shall be conducted thereafter at a time of most convenience.
  • (d)  Former Members
    In order to be considered for re-enlistment as an active duty member, former members must satisfy any delinquent debt to the Company, meet the qualifications for membership, and earn a minimum of six points within a period of seven consecutive months.

Based upon mutual bonds of trust, fidelity, and brotherhood considered to exist between members of this organization, allegiance to the Company is imprimis.  Therefore, members are not permitted to engage in conduct as herein provided, which conflicts with the interests of this organization.

  • (a)  Treason
    Levying war against the Confederate States, or adhering to its enemies, giving them aid and comfort ― a practice commonly referred to as “galvanizing” ― is considered an act of treason.
  1.  Nothing herein is meant to disallow allegiance or service to the government of the United States which would not otherwise constitute an act of treason to the Confederate States.
  1.  No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession during disciplinary hearing or court martial.
  • (b)  Disloyalty
    Allegiance and/or service to another organization of the Confederate States is considered disloyal conduct unless temporarily so ordered by competent military authority, or is under circumstances wherein the Company is unviable.
  • (c)  Defamation
    Affiliation or association with any organization or person whose ill reputation would otherwise impugn, denigrate, or tarnish the good name and image of the Company and/or the Confederate States is considered defamatory conduct.

Membership may be suspended or terminated by means herein provided.

  • (a)  Suspension
    Temporary revocation of membership rights and privileges, but not the duties thereof, may occur under certain circumstances.  Full reinstatement of rights and privileges will occur only when the specified term has been completed, or any obligation has been satisfied.
  1.  Suspension will occur without action when financial obligation is in arrears but the deadline for payment has not yet passed.
  1.  Suspension may occur by sentence of judicial tribunal after conviction in a disciplinary hearing.
  • (b)  Termination
    Permanent revocation of membership rights, duties, and privileges may occur voluntarily or involuntarily.  However, termination of membership shall not relieve any unpaid financial obligations to the Company.
  1.  Resignation while in good standing may occur without cause or prejudice by tendering notice to the Board of Directors. Whenever applicable, a military discharge ceremony will be conducted in a timely manner.
  1.  Discharge from service and separation from the Company will occur without action when financial obligation is delinquent after the deadline for payment has passed.
  1.  Cashiering may occur by sentence of judicial tribunal after conviction in a disciplinary hearing.