Article III. – Administrative


A set of binding and enforceable rules and procedures for the efficient operation of the Company may be adopted, changed, or deleted by simple majority.  These operational directives shall be compiled in a separate body of regulations known as Special Orders. 

The Chief of Staff may appoint committees, each comprised of at least three members, to perform certain services and functions for the Company.  Committees dealing with identical or competing issues are permitted with the proviso that they each have the necessary sponsorship.  Committees with special missions that are temporary in nature will be disbanded once their purpose has been fulfilled.  Standing Committees, as herein provided, will be permanently maintained.

  • (a)  Authenticity
    The Authenticity Committee shall oversee the historical accuracy of dress, equipment, and behavior of the Company; and shall have jurisdiction to establish standards for their adoption.
  • (b)  Recruiting
    The Recruiting Committee shall oversee the recruitment and orientation of new members; and shall have jurisdiction to organize efforts for the purpose thereof.
  • (c)  Attendance
    The Attendance Committee shall oversee matters involving member participation; and shall have jurisdiction to adjudicate the awarding of points.
  • (d)  Social Events
    The Social Events Committee shall oversee the planning and execution of extraneous activities; and shall have budgetary contractual authority to provide accommodations, food services, and entertainment for the purpose thereof.
  • (e)  Information Technology
    The Information Technology Committee shall oversee the design and development of web portals in order to represent the Company on the internet; and shall have budgetary contractual authority to provide maintenance for the purpose thereof.

Meetings to conduct business shall be closed to the public and be convened at times and places most convenient.  An agenda will be distributed prior to each meeting, and no other business extraneous of it will be conducted unless by consent of a majority in attendance.  Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (Robert, Henry M.; Philadelphia: Da Capo Press, 2011.) shall govern the parliamentary procedure for all meetings, the minutes of which will be distributed to members.

  • (a)  Frequency
    The Company shall meet annually within the first one-hundred twenty days to conduct business.  Special business meetings of the Company may also be convened at other times as needed, at the discretion of the Chief of Staff.
  • (b)  Notices
    Notice of the date, time, and place must be given at least twenty-one days prior to the annual convention, and at least five days prior to any special meeting.
  • (c)  Quorum
    A quorum will be met by simple majority of all active duty members, but the lack of a quorum will not affect the proceedings unless a point of order is raised.
  • (d)  Order of Business
    Business will be conducted at all meetings in the order herein provided.
  1.  Call to Order
  1.  Minutes
  1.  Official Reports
  1.  Old Business
  1.  New Business
  1.  Elections
  1.  Adjournment
  • (e)  Exclusions
    Committee meetings may be convened at the discretion of the respective committee chairmen, and military councils of war may be convened at the discretion of the senior-ranking military member.  Such meetings and councils are not subject to the requirements of this section.

This organization may dissolve and terminate its affairs through unanimous ratification of a resolution proposing such action at a properly convened meeting of the Company, assembled.