Article I. – Establishment


The good people of this organization, who in aggregate shall constitute the Company and bear equal responsibility for its civil affairs, have the full power of impeachment and to enact by-laws, levy war, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things in its own interest which an independent organization may of right do.  The powers not delegated to the Company by these by-laws, nor prohibited by them, are reserved to the good people of this organization.

The mission of this organization is to portray Company ‘A’ of the Second Cavalry Regiment, Kentucky Volunteers, during the War for Southern Independence.  This organization shall also be devoted to honoring the memory and sacrifices of the brave citizens of the Southern Confederacy who fought against Federal tyranny, while championing the cause of States’ Rights and Constitutional Liberty.

a militia company named the Lexington Rifles was raised by Captain John Hunt Morgan at Lexington, Kentucky in 1857, and was later designated as Company ‘A’ of the Lexington Battalion in the First Regiment of the Kentucky State Guard; and

Whereas, the Lexington Rifles was mustered as Morgan’s Company into military service for the Confederate States by Major William Preston Johnston at Woodsonville, Kentucky on the twenty-seventh day of October 1861, and was later designated as Company ‘A’ of Morgan’s Cavalry Squadron in the Confederate States Army of Central Kentucky, and

Whereas, after having gained renown under the sobriquet of “Morgan’s Raiders”, Morgan’s Cavalry Squadron became the nucleus for formation of the Second Kentucky Cavalry upon organization of that regiment by Colonel John Hunt Morgan at Chattanooga, Tennessee in June 1862; and

Whereas, in response to the tyrannical usurpations by the federal government of the United States against the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Morgan and his men committed themselves to fight in defense of liberty against despotism and the enemies of freedom, thereby establishing a reputation as a formidable force which became famous in the annals of warfare for cunning, gallantry, and valor;

NOW, Therefore, Be It Resolved by the good people of this organization that this Company shall henceforth be known as the Lexington Rifles, and that it may also be referred to as Morgan’s Company, or as Company ‘A’ of the Second Cavalry Regiment, Kentucky Volunteers.

Whereas, Basil Wilson Duke, who served as First Lieutenant of Morgan’s Company, and as Colonel commanding the Second Kentucky Cavalry, was a noted post-bellum author and historian; and

Whereas, Duke authored the book, History of Morgan’s Cavalry (Cincinnati: Miami Print. & Pub. Co., 1867.), which is an authoritative and historically reliable account of the subject; and

Whereas, Chapter V of that book describes the framed motto ― “Our laws the commands of our Captain” ― that was prominently displayed at the entrance to the Lexington Rifles Armory at Main and Upper Streets in Lexington, Kentucky;

NOW, Therefore, Be It Resolved by the good people of this organization that those words and that sentiment shall be retained as the official motto of this Company.