Company HdQtrs.

The Lexington Rifles  is a group of ‘unreconstructed’ Confederates who portray John Hunt Morgan’s cavalry skirmishers during the War for Southern Independence, drawing its members from…
The mission of this organization is to portray Company ‘A’ of the Second Cavalry Regiment, Kentucky Volunteers.  It shall also be devoted to honoring the memory and sacrifices of the brave citizens of the Southern Confederacy who fought against Federal tyranny while championing the cause of states’ rights and constitutional liberty.
“Sentiment moves the world; man is nothing without it.
He who feels no pride in his ancestors is unworthy to be remembered by his descendants.”

– Major David French Boyd, 9th Louisiana Infantry
First President of Louisiana State University

For more information, send an e-Telegram to the Board of Directors:
Ryan Weston, Chief of Staff
, Adjutant
Allan Petrusky, Company Clerk
Tim Herrmann, Paymaster