Website Status

Dear Friends, The Lexington Rifles organization has maintained a website since 2004.  This format, however, was introduced in 2017 and it is hoped you find it informative.  Your opinion is solicited and welcomed by writing to our IT… Read More

Company Motto

John Hunt Morgan’s brother-in-law, Brig-Gen. Basil Wilson Duke, who served as 1st Lieutenant of Company ‘A’ of the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, and later as Colonel commanding the regiment, was a noted post-bellum historian who authored the book, History… Read More

“One Oath At A Time”

The audio link found on the Recruiting Tent page is a quote by John Wayne, starring as Ethan Edwards in the 1956 film classic “The Searchers”, directed by John Ford.  Edwards, a Confederate veteran returning to his brother’s… Read More

Three Cheers for Jack Morgan!

“He swore to free his home, To burst her chains asunder, With sound of trump and drum, And loud Confederate thunder; And in the darksome night, By light of homestead burning, He put the skulking foe to flight,… Read More